My Yoga Journey


Tina Schmid yoga, Wellington

I was first introduced to yoga over 10 years ago. I was craving a space where I could leave everything else behind and focus solely on myself. I would look forward to my weekly yoga sanctuary, and as I began to deepen my practice over the next few years, I was also able to tune into what was really going on in my body, both physically and emotionally.

I played with a myriad of different yoga styles and finally found my place in amongst Kripalu and Kundalini. The focus on being aware of what’s truly going on in your body and practising with a sense of compassion, resonated with me. I’ve always thought strongly about about moving your body out of ‘love’ rather than feeling you ‘should’ – Running if it feels good to run, dancing if it feels good to dance, settling into a yoga pose if you want a deep stretch or flowing through sun-salutations if you want to create some heat.

In 2009 I trained under the guidance of Melissa Billington from MYOGA and completed my 200 hour teacher training over the course of 9 months. It was during this time that I developed my love affair with Mantra and began to incorporate it into my regular yoga practice.  I also became passionate about the power of the basics and went on to teach a number of block courses. I also taught individual classes in Wellington and later when I was living in Samoa.

As well as teaching yoga, I am also a registered primary school teacher. I taught for 10 years in Wellington and Auckland, and recently taught at a school where mindfulness education was strongly valued. I was chosen to take part in an 8 week Foundation of Mindfulness course to teach Mindfulness to children.  I also integrated yoga classes into the Health and PE curriculum and had fun designing yoga lessons for kids.